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event & floral design

{about soraya}

 “I remember gathering our neighborhood friends, giving them fashion makeovers, and treating them to the most ‘stylish’ parties, complete with delicious food and beautiful decorations. Mom lost many a lace linen, as the result of my imaginative endeavors.”

Fortunately, Soraya polished her artistic abilities over years of learning and practice,

Soraya’s diverse background, combined with a passionate, optimistic, and cheerful personality, bring about a unique quality to the event planning process. She infuses her contagious “love conquers all” attitude to each celebration.

As the daughter of a diplomat, Soraya was introduced to social graces early in life, and was brought up with an earnest appreciation for entertaining, as well as the arts; her first job was at her family’s bookstore/art gallery, where they regularly hosted artists, poets, and musicians in a bustling creative atmosphere. 

Raised within an exotic tropical backdrop, Soraya innately developed a deep love for all the beautiful things found in nature, which is evident in her inspired designs. By traveling to different countries, she broadened her appreciation of varied cultures and gained a heightened sensitivity to diverse traditions and customs.         

 Further courses in interior design and event planning, paired with years of service in hospitality and non-profit events, helped refine her understanding of what it takes to create a flawless and aesthetically pleasing event, at any budget. 

Soraya chuckles as she credits her formal studies in psychology and career in the medical field for equipping her with patience, compassion, and great attention to detail, skills that come in handy when managing events. T


his expertise allows her to remain calm, organized, and cheerful, even under high pressure. It makes sense! It is all about caring for others! 

"My desire is to carry all of these experiences everywhere and everyday, but especially on wedding day, I love to influence my couples and their families with happiness. 

My approach is simple -Love Never Fails".

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