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                             {about Soraya}
Owner/Lead Designer, Soraya Rondon, recalls having a fascination with transforming people and spaces since childhood

 “I remember gathering our neighborhood friends, giving them fashion makeovers, and treating them to the most ‘stylish’ parties, complete with delicious food and beautiful decorations. Mom lost many a lace linen, as the result of my imaginative endeavors.”

Fortunately, Soraya polished her artistic abilities over years of learning and practice. Her diverse background, combined with a passionate, optimistic, and cheerful personality, bring about a unique quality to the event planning process. She infuses her contagious “love conquers all” attitude to each celebration.

Soraya lives in Los Angeles, happily married to the “best husband in the world.” Her core values are at the heart of everything she does as an artist and business professional, and in her relationship within her family, friends, and community.


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