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event & floral design

Our creative process is rooted in this simple truth: 

Every human being is instinctively captivated by BEAUTY and transformed by LOVE.

We find beauty in nature, music, literature, art, but nothing else transforms and brings meaning to our lives, like love does.

At a Soirée to Remember, we strive to blend all these beautiful elements with your unique love story, by carefully designing and coordinating a fabulous celebration; one which reflects your style, personality and heart. 

Our main desire is to see YOUR dream into a reality, hear YOUR story told, and have YOUR expectations fulfilled - all with love and beauty as our ultimate source of inspiration.

From inception to execution, from the smallest details to complete production, from sophisticated chic to rustic or industrial; modern or vintage; traditional or whimsical… a Soirée to  Remember will embrace, embody and express your vision with the passion, commitment, and expertise it deserves.

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{about soirée}  /swäˈrā/

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